30 Days of Dinners Recipe Round-Up

It’s 5:00 p.m. You have been busy all day doing your homemaking work or perhaps you work at a job all day and you come home exhausted. You need to get dinner on the table, but you have no idea what to fix for supper. You feel rushed, your family is hungry and you just throw some food together and call it good. Do you struggle to find time to meal plan and get healthy meals served to your family? Do you stop at the local fast-food restaurant and get burgers and fries or pizza because you don’t have a plan in place for preparing and serving meals?

Menu planning is a vital part of homemaking. I struggled with getting food on table at a reasonable hour for a long time, because I didn’t plan ahead. A few months ago I decided to take charge of our dinner menu. I got tired of last minute scrambles to throw something together for dinner. So, I gathered up a list of 30 days worth of dinners from all over the internet.  

1. Denise’s Favorite Skillet Dinner, cheese biscuits, salad
2. Creamy Mediterranean Chicken Skillet, garlic bread, salad
3. Easy Smothered Pork Chops, hash browned potatoes, asparagus
4. Fish Tacos w/lettuce, cheese, tomatoes, olives, chips and salsa, refried beans
5. Egg Burritos, fruit
6. Homemade pizza, salad
7. Where’s The Meat Burgers w/cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, pickles, baked french fries
8. Easy Lasagna Skillet, garlic toast, green beans, salad
9. Crispy Oven-Fried Chicken Strips, buttery Parmesan rice, carrots
10. Pot Roast Style Lentil Loaf, steamed broccoli, applesauce
11. Sweet Potato Enchiladas, Mexican rice, salad
12. Breakfast Grilled Cheese Sandwiches, fruit
13. Homemade Hawaiian Pizza, salad
14. Juicy Steak House Burgers, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, pickles, baked french fries
15. Hawaiian Pork Chops over rice
16. Chicken stir-fry, egg rolls 
17. Mexican lasagna, beans and rice mix, corn
18. Egg Boats, hash brown potatoes, fruit
19. Margherita Pizza, salad
20. Aloha BBQ Sliders, baked french fries 
21. Italian style lentils and rice, garlic biscuits, salad, spinach
22. Chicken Stroganoff, bread sticks, green beans
23. Polish Sausage Easy Meal In A Pan, lima (butter) beans, steamed carrots
24. Black bean tacos w/lettuce, cheese, tomatoes, olives, chips and salsa
25. Potato Bacon Egg Sheet Pan Dinner, pancakes w/syrup, fruit
26. BBQ Chicken Cilantro Pizza, salad
27. Enchilada Burgers, baked french fries 
28. Meatloaf Style Lentil Loaf, garlic toast, salad
29. Country Captain Chicken over Rice, cheese biscuits, spinach
30. BBQ pork sandwiches, homemade baked beans, coleslaw

Need a cute printable to write down all these great meals and hang them on your fridge?  
Grab your calendar below.  Then head on down to the comments section and tell me which ones you want to try!

Do you know what’s for dinner?

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