Prayer is the best 24 hour “knee”-mail service we can have in our lives!  It is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week, 365 days a year.  You will never have to talk to an automated machine, be put on hold or told that “all circuits are busy, please try your call again later”.  Single moms often struggle with the battles of lonliness, depression, anxiety and fear as they face the everyday struggles of single parenthood.  Often times, it is the stress of  being the only source of income (which more often than not, is not enough), playing the roles of mother, father, nurse, chaufer, bread-winner, chef, book-keeper, teacher….and the list goes on.  Lonliness can often lead to depression and feelings of hopelessness in light of the desire to have a mate to share your life with.  Even if you don’t start out feeling that way, trust me, those feelings will come. 

In the begining of your singleness, you may have no desire to ever have another mate as long as you live, especially if you went through a bitter, nasty divorce.  But, as time goes on you may begin to become anxious and frustrated with the demands of being a single mom and wishing that you had someone with whom you could share your life with.  I found myself in that situation for several years.  One of the things I kept hearing in church from my pastor is to pray for the mate God has for you.  Now generally when he preaches a sermon like this he is talking to young girls who have never been married, but he also knows that there are a lot of single mothers out there who are divorced through no fault of their own and so I think he also was talking to us as well.  You may ask, “How can I pray for someone I haven’t met yet?”.  Well, God know is omnipotent and all-knowing.  He knows exactly who he has chosen for you, where he is and what they are doing right at this very moment.  Fortunately for us, God sees the big picture.

You may be wondering, “OK, HOW do I pray for this person?”  One of the hardest things I ever had to do was to completely take myself out of my match-making equation.  Meaning, I totally and completely STOPPED all efforts to find “Mr. Right” and put God in my place of match-maker.  When I would pray for things concerning my desire of a mate, I prayed for God’s will, not mine.  I didn’t pray for tall, dark, handsome, weathly, but instead I would pray that God would prepare his heart to be open and willing to be ready when the time came for us to meet.  I prayed that God would bring us together when the time was right, I prayed for him that no matter where he was or what he was doing that God would touch his heart and life and that if he wasn’t doing God’s will at that time that he would have the desire to turn his heart around.  Because I had no way of knowing if this man was a christian or not I began to pray for his salvation.  God knew all along exactly what I needed and who I needed.  There would be times when I would meet somebody and then be frustrated and hurt when things didnt work out, but nonetheless, I continued to pray for  my mate. 

Now, God works in mysterious ways and I am not saying that the answer to your desire and prayers will come over night.  For me, I waited SEVEN very long and sometime depressing years, before I got my answer. To find out how I met my husband read our love story here. I want to encourage you all to keep praying and seeking the Lord in your lives, especially concerning your relationship status.  Waiting on the Lord is the best thing that I ever did.  By waiting, I know that God has sent me the person I am supposed to be with.  He sent me someone who needed me just as much as I needed him, some one to share my life with.  I know that waiting patiently can be difficult at times, but trust me dear sisters, it is worth the wait.  I pray for each of you that God will be with you in your times of stuggles, depair, happiness and sorrows.

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Love life and be well,

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