Easy Homemade Low-fat, Baked Cool Ranch Doritos

Here is a great recipe for easy homemade Cool Ranch Doritos.  These are low-fat and baked and hard to keep around they are so good!

Here is what you will need:

1 large whole package corn torillas (white or yellow)
Butter flavor cooking spray
4 packages Hidden Valley Ranch Dressing powdered mix (the pic is a two pack and you cut them apart.  You will need two of these.)

Grab a large handful of the tortillas and cut them into chip size pieces.

Layer the chips in a large bowl in a single layer.  Liberally spray with cooking spray.  Lightly sprinke with Ranch Dressing powder.  Repeat layers until the bowl is about half full.

GENTLY fold and mix the chips in the bowl once or twice to coat evenly with seasoning.  Be careful so you don’t tear up the toritillas!

Lay the seasoned tortillas out on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper or tin foil.  Bake in a pre-heated oven @ 350 for 12-15 minutes.  Don’t over cook them.   The will harden as they cool.

As each batch comes out of the oven, I just pile them up on a large platter.  They cool very quickly.  You will want to be sure you are making a LARGE batch of these at one time because it is very hard to keep a full platter sitting in the kitchen when you are making these.  Everytime a hungry child or husband walks by they will be grabbing a handful! 

Store in an air tight container or large ziplock bag.  I keep mine in a large ziplock bag.  One large bag of tortillas will fill at least on and a half large ziplock bags.  Don’t worry if you don’t have an air tight container.  The ziplock bags work just fine.  These won’t be around long enough to go bad!

You can substitue the Ranch Dressing powder with taco seasonings, chilli seasonings, italian seasons,etc.  You can also make these plain.  When I make the plain ones I just cut the tortillas into chips and put them directly on to the baking pan line with parchment paper or foil, spray with butter spray and season with salt before baking.   Enjoy!
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